Common Characters Of Hellman And Batman, Iron Man And Batman

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What is a comic book hero, and why do they struggle so much with their identities? A common definition for a hero is “a person admired for achievements and noble qualities”. However, as we all may know comic book heroes are vastly different from this. Throughout our lives almost everybody has been exposed to the comic book hero or superhero that our society seems so obsessed over. We love to read about and watch these fantastical characters’ fly around and save the day. But there is one unsettling truth that is seen in almost every comic book hero, their secret identity and everything it holds. Perhaps the biggest secret for each of these heroes is their identity. This secret can mean life or death not only them but all of their loved ones as well, and all that is protecting them is a little fabric mask on their face. This since of fear that each character must live with is underlining theme that takes place in virtually all comic book hero stories. So as the readers of these comics and watchers of these movies, we must ask ourselves as how can such powerful people live in such a state of fear? In addition to this, can this use of a heroes alter ego be compared to us normal people and our alter egos that we create online? In order to answer how these heroes can live in such a state of fear I want to look at two common characters from both comics and the movies, Iron Man and Batman. First I would like to clarify that while comic books are such a rich part of our history, due

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