Common Children Research Paper

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Common Children Illness

A child will get the common cold about five times a year, this is going to help build their immune system. The child will have a mild fever, congestion, coughing and a sore throat. To treat the common cold for a child is children’s ibuprofen or acetaminophen, lots of fluids, saline for his or her nose to help keep is moist, and a cool mist humidifier to help break up the mucus. Do not give the child cough or cold medicine. Most kids will bounce back from this in five to seven days and they will get about five common colds a year. If the child is under six months call your pediatrician and they will tell you what you need to do.
Kids under the age of two are most susceptible to RSV ( respiratory synctial virus). RSV affects mostly the lungs. The symptoms are relatively minor and are very similar to the common cold. Call a pediatrician if the child is wheezing, breathing abnormally fast, struggling to breath, refuses to drink, appears extremely tired and
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They can fall off from anything in the house to anything on the playground. When a child falls down and hits their head you want to monitor them for the rest of the day and check on them while they are sleeping. If the child throws up after you should then head to the emergency room.
Choking is another very common injury. Small children will put anything in their mouths; while parents think they can watch their child’s every move they still can stick stuff in their mouths. To help parents be prepared for situations like this they can become familiar with CPR and first aid. This can help the nervous parents know what to look for and what to do while they are waiting for EMS to arrive.
Children will forever get cuts and scratches. You want to make sure that the cut or scratch does not get infected and you want to tell the child that they will be okay. As a parent you need to know when you need to go to the doctor office to get
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