Common Core : A Common Standard For All Children

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Common Core This is every kid’s and teen’s worst nightmare, not the boogie man, not heights, not cooties, but Common Core. You may be asking, what is common core and what makes it so bad? Common core is a learning style that is supposed to prepare students for the world ahead of them by using more complex problems that the student will really have to think about to solve. This mainly effects the two subjects, math and language arts. Common Core had potential to be a great way to learn but the multitude of flaws lead to its downfall. Common Core had great goals for the benefit of all children in the United States. It was intended to be a “common standard for all children. First off, every state was supposed to have the same standards for all the students that live there. It wasn’t always like that though, “Before Common Core, each state set its own standards and decised its own tests.”2 Now with common core, there is no difference between a student’s education depending on the state that they live in. Now there will be no states with fourth graders learning the things that third graders are excelling at in another. Common Core also helps because everyone knows what the students are learning in each grade level so there is no confusion. It is clear because, “the standards, which are for math and language arts, are meant to provide a consistent clear understanding of what students are expected to learn, so teachers and parents know what they need to do to help them.”1…

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