Common Core And Standardized Assessments Essay

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Common Core & Standardized Assessments Assignment Template Use this template to complete the Common Core State Standards assignment. Type your responses in between the brackets [Like this!] Reflecting on Your Research: Summarize the current state of the Common Core (and associated national standards) in the United States using the assigned readings. [The Common Core standards are currently implemented in 43 states and the District of Columbia. All of the states who use Common Core can be an advantage by allowing students who move state to state to have the same standards at school. Standards are ways to track the learning of students and are what the students are supposed to know in each subject and grade level. Currently, there has been controversy about Common Core. Valerie Lake, an eighth grade English teacher, believes that the CC intensifies the complexity of what the teachers have to teach, but realizes that her students can actually learn/understand more than what we (teachers) think. On the other hand, this makes the students think more which in turn helps them learn and apply their skills to the test. Another teacher states that the standards before did not make the students think about why they do what they do in class. Overall, many teachers have their reasons to why they like or dislike the standards; all in all, teachers are required to implement them in their lessons.] List the standards used in your discipline. [STATE GOAL 28: Use the target language

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