Common Core And The American Education System

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Miseducation in Common Core

Common core cirriculum is a federal program that is pushed by the federal government in order to make standards in the American Education System. Common core damages our children 's education system. Common Core is destroying the American school system by doing the following: pushing standardized tests on students, defunding schools that do not support common core or test too low, and miseducating students on an everday scale.

For starters, Common Core is defined as an academic outline that specializes in Math and the English Language that every student should know before moving on to higher grades. Common Core has various downsides. In order for states to recieve funding from the government they must adhere to the system guidlines. A brief note on Education and the government: education is a state right and not a federal right. Education has no right to be regulated by the government; in fact, it underminds the Tenth Amendment. The Tenth Amendment states that any power not delegated by the Constitution is delegated to the states or to the people.

Common core is a very complex system. If schools across the nation do not adhere to the requirements of common core, then they do not get funding. This funding is crucial for schools to perform especially in lower income neighborhoods. Low income neighborhoods often have low performance rates. These kids are placed through the education system and pushed through. Under Common Core, President
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