Common Core Curriculum Negatively Affects Students

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In the past ten years, the Common Core Curriculum has become the driving force in American students education. Adapted in 2010 through the No Child Left Behind Act, it began with vigorous testing that failed to raise educational performance. In order to improve the act, the federal government then created an entire standard based curriculum. This educational initiative became further known as Common Core, which is currently being implemented in every public school across America. Common Core details what kindergarteners through twelfth graders are required to know at the end of each grade in the subjects of math and language arts. Although this initiative is seen by the government as a way to improve and standardize education, a major problem seen by many citizens is that it abolishes creativity and individual thinking in schools. The Common Core Curriculum can be better satisfied by allowing schools the option of whether or not to utilize the initiative, and by completing the standards through state testing. The Common Core curriculum negatively affects students, because it limits their ability to learn in a creative way. An example of how the standards limit creativity is illustrated by this teacher’s testimony, “I once saw an eighth grader who was on the verge of being tossed out of his middle school, even though he was one of the brightest kids there. When asked why he was failing, he said, “Why should I be doing the same frickin ' thing since I was in third grade?”
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