Common Core Educational Programs For Primary Schools

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Common Core educational programs have been showing up in primary schools all throughout the nation in the past decade; educators and legislators alike saw the need for standardized skill sets among primary school children. Many people will agree that training in certain areas of arithmetic, English and grammar, and history are crucial for success in the modern economy. Despite this agreement, there is an ever-growing divide between parents and legislators on whether or not the programs are helping, or hurting these children.
Erik Erickson, a parent to a second-grader, originally supported common core, stating that: “In a society as mobile as ours, kids moving from one state to another should not be so far behind or ahead students in their new state. A common set of skills at each grade across the nation makes sense (“Why Parents Like Me are Angry about Common Core”).” However, once he saw his own child struggling to keep up with the “convoluted” mathematic lessons, he had to reexamine his own opinions on the matter. Erickson and his wife (both proficient mathematicians), struggled to help their second grader with her math homework; and they weren’t the only ones. Erickson received calls from many parents expressing how they too had difficulty helping their children with their schoolwork; one mother described how her child’s school offered to give her lessons on the material so she could help her child (“Why Parents Like Me are Angry about Common Core”). This is the crux of

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