Common Core Ineffectiveness

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The Common Core State Standards (CCSS) was first implemented in 2010, nine years after I graduated from high school. Although I wasn’t personally affected by the new academic standards, it has a direct impact on the current and future generation of leaders, innovators, and world changers including my future children. The initial purpose of the Common Core Standards is to set high-quality learning goals designed to prepare students to be college and career ready. Given the current controversies surrounding CCSS, studies have shown that although the intent was to benefit students in the long-run it may actually be hindering their mathematical and reading skills. To further explore the arguments behind the Common Core initiative, I will…show more content…
It may be too much to expect from one program, since the education system is comprised of many elements including performance standards but they will not guarantee results unless the other components of the education system work in conjunction. One big fear is that teachers are teaching for the tests as in the No Child Left Behind program. As Lee and Yin noted in their article “Is the Common Core Racing America to the Top?” “The Common Core has helped America race to the top for performance standards, but not for performance outcomes yet.” (p. 1)
According to Jason Zimba, one of the authors of the state standards for mathematics, standards are not tests or textbooks but rather are lists of learning goals that have been around in some form for decades. Compiling a common list of educational goals to be used in all states is the means of incorporating Common Core Standards into the educational system. The program is also designed to provide feedback on the effectiveness of our secondary schools, and it has done this to some degree. Common Core addresses testing that measure the knowledge and abilities required for its standards, provides texts and other instructional materials that embody the content required under Common Core, additional education for teachers that will give them the ability to teach the new material at the level required for students from myriad backgrounds and
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