Common Core Standards Should Be Just

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Common Core Standards Should Be Just That: Common Common means to share something mutually, why do people find it so difficult to share? Share one’s feeling? No! Share one’s ideas? Not that either. No one wants to even share a set of benchmarks. The common core standards are only a set of benchmarks to assure students are learning fundamentals at the right grade level. Yes, they are a work in progress but nothing was perfect in the beginning. While some states have decided against the common core standards, others have chosen to build their curriculum around them. However, each state should consider or reconsider using the common core standards. Yes, change is difficult when one has done the same thing for years. It is hard to adapt to changes but when the benefit outweighs the disadvantages, it is imperative to convert. This generation of children are much brighter and know way more than we give them credit. Their way of learning has evolved, they are more creative and innovative; everything should be done to enhance their learning. “One of the greatest mistakes we make in education is underestimating the capacity of our children to learn”, says Former Governor Jed Bush (“National Hispanic Christian”) . The common core standards is only a betterment for the educational system, giving all children a fighting chance, nationally and internationally. According to a 12 year study, not one of the students tested in the United Sates achieved higher that then the
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