Common Core System Research Paper

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Each student has individual needs and demands which educators have been attempting to appeal to for decades with innumerable different methods. One of the more recently created and institutionalized is known as the Common Core Standard of education. Despite some viewing the Common Core System as defective in some ways, overall, the system has proven itself to be beneficial to not only students and teachers, but to the entire country. Before the Common Core system was introduced, high school dropout rates were some of the highest ever seen in America, which could have potentially lead an entire generation to disaster. States that implemented the Common Core syllabus in their classrooms have seen those figures turn around entirely: test scores…show more content…
Kentucky Republican state legislator Thomas Kerr may argue that Common Core “[is] not teaching students the things they should know or need to know”, (Porter, 2015.) but perhaps there is a difference between what is taught to students, and what is learned and retained. Moreover, what may be an even more interesting perspective on the Common Core curriculum is that of one Denver, Colorado third grade teacher. Kyle Schwartz, from Doull Elementary school observes, “It struck me that the work we were doing as teachers mirrored the work that we ask of students under Common Core.” (“Why I Love Common Core”; Washington Post; Schwartz, Kyle.) A common axiom is “you learn something new every day”, and one of the benefits that makes teachers appreciate their jobs is what they learn from their students. The Common Core system enhances that facet of being a teacher, leading the teachers themselves to “break it down” (Schwartz, 2015.) and discern for themselves what exactly their students should be finding in their individual studies. “The learning took place in the struggle, just as it does for our students…” Schwartz says of his class. Arguably, a the performance and proficiency of any given class correlates to the efforts put in by instructors, and in encouraging teachers to
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