Common Ethical Dilemmas Faced in Nursing

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Nursing can have its ups and its downs; however, most of its problems occur when nurses are faced with ethical decisions. Pro- Life vs. Pro- Choice, Freedom vs. Control, Truth vs. Deception, and Knowledge vs. personal beliefs are all part of the problem. We live in a world where there seems to be contriversy about everything. Nursing is a very important field where there has to be good communication and great care, any hiccups in this could affect the whole work place. So what happens when you’re a nurse and you are placed in a big ethical dielemma. FINDINGS Pro- Life Vs. Pro-Choice According to Merriam- Webster’s dictionary, Pro-Choice means “Believing that pregnant women should have to right to choose abortion (Pro- Choice). The definition of Pro- Life is “opposed of abortion” (Pro- Life). Both words begin quite the argument in today’s society. What is Pro-Life and Pro- Choice Over the years many nurses, men and women, have come face to face with situations regarding ethical dilemmas one of which being the ever so popular argument of Pro- choice vs. Pro life. Going into a job in health care you are going to see things that may not sit well with you and many students going into the nursing field have gone in with the mind set of being pro- choice. In Jeff Lane Hensley’s book, “ The Zero People” He quotes a unnamed student who stated “I was for abortion but it wasn’t until I saw a actual abortion that it changed my mind, several other nurses changed their stand on pro-
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