Common Factors Of Solution Focused

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Common Factors of Solution Focused Therapy In order to understand what are common factors in therapy, ones needs to be able to see the effectiveness of therapy. In theory the client brings about forty percent of the total success of therapy (Perry, 2015). This forty percent of therapy depends on the clients: background, ethnicity, age, personality, culture, religious beliefs and life experiences. The outcome depends on how the client may understand the benefits of therapy based on his or her life experiences. As a solution focused brief therapist (SFBT), one needs to understand that the outcome of therapy is partially up to the client’s thoughts and understanding of therapy. Since this portion of therapy success is substantial, one needs to make sure that the client feels comfortable in therapy. Creating a safe environment for the client will help the client feel comfortable to talk about what has brought him or her into therapy. This safe environment will also include the inform consent forms stating what is said in therapy will remain confidential, and the therapists legal obligation to protect children from harm. After the client signs the inform consent and understands what therapy entails, then the client may start to feel a little at ease. The therapist may need to ask some questions regarding the client’s background, to help the therapist understand the client. Also, the therapist needs to be warm and empathetic in listening to the client. This will help
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