Common Forms And Causes Of Conflict

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Conflict is part of life and very common occurrence in the organization due to different point of view among individual. Common forms and causes of conflict are task, process, relationship, legal and interpersonal conflicts. “People’s reactions to conflict dramatically affect how a situation is addressed and resolved. Tone, attitude, disposition, the nature of the relationship, and even communication styles will impact the outcome of a confrontation.” (Atchison, 2013, para. 1). People’s common reactions to conflicts are avoidance, accommodation, competition, collaboration, and compromise. The extent of the reaction depends on the degree of the goal compatibility such as very compatible, completely incompatible, or somewhere in between. First let’s look at the groups that completely have incompatible goals. Relationship conflict occurs when the parties have interpersonal issues which creates very low attainment and incompatible goals among the parties resulting in avoidance. An example of one coworker being very strict conservative religious beliefs and is offended by use of vulgar language and believes strongly in importance of regular church attendance and has no qualms of his or her beliefs onto others. A coworkers opposite use off-color words and jokes about need to sleep late due to late night at bar. This type interpersonal issues will likely cause conflict due to their difference in value (Griffin & Moorhead, 2014). Interpersonal conflict can occur within
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