Common Forms Of Pain Relief During Labor

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Epidurals are one of the most common forms of pain relief during labor used in the United States. There has long been debate among practitioners and patients about whether epidurals are safe for laboring women. The main argument against epidurals is that they lead to an increased risk of cesarean section. It is up to clinicians to provide the most accurate and up to date information to laboring women.

Keywords: Epidurals, C-setion, childbirth, natural
Natural VS Intervention Child Birth
Does the use of epidurals increase the occurrence of c-setions, vs natural child birth?
Using Epidurals
Natural Child Birth
Do epidurals increase your chances of a c-section
Second phase of labor

To obtain evidence to answer my question, I searched Google Scholar, Google Scholar is a database that compiles articles from scholarly sources. When searching, I used the terms “epidural”, “c-section” and “labor” to find my articles. I also used exclusion criteria. I specified that all articles should be published later than 1995, so that I got the most up to date articles. This search yielded 54 results, which I then sorted through. First, I read the titles of the articles and if they seemed to apply to the question, I read the abstract of the article. Through this process, I determined that 5 articles had the potential to answer my question.
Birth Outcomes associated with interventions in labor among low risk women-a population based study. (Sally K Tracy, -Dec 2006)
In this article they…
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