Common Good

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Rule 7, 2 of the Augustinian rule states: "The degree to which you are concerned for the common good (rem communem) rather than for your own, is the criterion by which you can judge how much progress you have made." This passage synthesizes Augustine’s conviction regarding personal growth in Christian love. It appears in a context wherein Augustine gives the guidelines for day-to-day life in community, a life characterized by mutual service. We have already pointed out the importance of the social dimension in Augustine’s thought. Since human life is social by nature, the development of a person cannot be separated from its social context. The same applies to the new life of the believer in Christ. The new man that is born from the…show more content…
The two-fold commandment of love translates into working for the common good; working for the common good is service. Theological Reflection Common good, as what we have learned, is an act of love. Love that comes from respect for others and respect for oneself. We have also learned that common good means you have to give up those things which you have in excess in order to create an equality among persons because God created us as equals. Common good creates a just and peaceful world because all of the people are in harmony with each other, are affixed to one goal, and think as one mind in Christ. In order to achieve common good we must relieve our hearts with the selfishness and biases that we have against others and we must focus on the universal outcome of our actions. So we have learned that before we act we should first think about the consequences of our actions. We must first ask ourselves of whether we are a help to the community, or whether we are placing a risk to others. So before we end we have prepared a simple thought to ponder upon: We live in a world full of inequalities and selfishness. Love has long been buried in the hearts of men that we forgot that love is the greatest gift our God has ever given us. Let us not forget that how we treat others reflects to how we treat ourselves. May we relieve ourselves from the biases that we have for others and help one another to
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