Common Grammar Mistakes . While Speaking, People Might

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Common Grammar Mistakes
While speaking, people might make mistakes about tenses, grammars or structures, especially for foreigners. The errors would continue to the written language. Hence, in this paper, I will discuss some grammatical errors of three papers from student paper 3, 5 and 10. The types of paper are different from each other, such as journal, summary and critique. Since different paper types have different structures and expressive methods, it is more precise to discover the common mistakes made by students through different essays. The most common grammar mistakes include punctuation, spelling, verbs tenses, capitalization, incomplete sentence.
First of all, in the critique paper about Title IX, the most obvious mistake is
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Finally, there are some tiny typing errors. The author wants to express reasons by using the phrase ‘due to’, but he mistakenly type ‘do to’. Also the author mistakenly type ‘without’ to ‘with out’, ‘sight’ to ‘insight’. Apart from grammar errors, the author always capitalize the first letter of a word which is unnecessary, for example, ‘Good intent’, ‘Conniff Explains’, ‘Male athlete’ etc.
The second paper is a summary of “Preaching to the choir? Not this time”. In the introductory part, the author use the wrong world version. “ It’s relevancy to the students’ stems” , the word ‘relevancy’ is a noun phrase, the correct form should be adjectival. Also, there are some punctuation problems in this paper. The comma is used to connect the subordinate clause and the main sentence; it seems like that the author neglect the use of comma. For example, “Also since all college students can vote and elections are coming up this article may help inform them of the past 8 years President’s Politics” , a comma is supposed to be added right before the word ‘this’ where a new sentence begins. Another problem is that when people use ‘however’ as a linking word, they need to put a period at end the last sentence or a semicolon between two sentences. “It did not all go according to plain however, Bush received a letter” , punctuation is missing in this sentence. One common mistake is that author uses comma to connect two
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