Common Ground On Education : A Nation At Risk

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Kaylee Zimmerman
Professor Powell
18 April 2015
Research Paper Common Ground on Education In 1983, Ronald Reagan stood in front of the press and read from a report called A Nation at Risk: Imperative for Education Reform. The report had been written by the board of the National Commission on Excellence and Education and gave Americans reason to believe that our system was anything but acceptable. While the report did touch on some positives in American public schools, there were many instances that needed to be fixed. A Nation at Risk opened the eyes of many Americans and thus started a rolling stone for more “rigorous and measurable standards.” Although the notice has hung around school districts across the nation for over thirty
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“As it stands, we have allowed this to happen to ourselves (p.6).” His report opened the eyes of America and plastered mass media. Social promotion also played a big role with issues in education as well. To protect a student’s self-esteem, they would be promoted to the next grade even if their skills have not advanced to the next grade. Grade inflation took place, which is the tendency to award progressively higher academic grades for work that would have received lower grades in the past. Even during this time, low income teachers were a thing as well. Even teachers that were unqualified in math and science subjects were not qualified. Now thirty years later after the report was written, many requests have been taken into account.

The A Nation at Risk report for many improvements to achieve in order to save American education. First, the school curriculum needed more “rigor” to encourage students. If classes became more challenging, then students would have an incentive try harder in school in order to do better and graduate to a higher level. Higher standards need to be met in order for a student to prove they are ready for that next step instead of working the minimum to upgrade. In fact, social promotion took place and allowed students to move up a grade without them having the skills in order to boost their self-esteem amongst their peers. The Nation at Risk report that new, rigorous standards were needed to be met before students are able
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