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Common Incentives Assignment
Joshua Wolfe
Mid-America Christian University

As a college student, there are many different incentives that we strive for. These incentives are usually described as “some goal object that motivates us” (Petri and Govern, 2013). These different goal objects drive us to behave in certain ways. However, where these incentives come from is up for debate. Some of these are genetically engrained, while others come from external sources. This paper will attempt to take some of my own personal incentives, along with students in general, and categorize them as to where they originated from
As a student, one of the greatest impulses is to eat a good meal. Students line up in the cafeteria
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Emotionally this goal is met through eating comfort foods, spending time with those that make us feel better, and watching “feel good” movies. These things reduce the amount of stress we feel, and in turn make us emotionally comfortable.

An incentive may be to be respected by your peers. This is localized to those contemporaneous to yourself, within your own class of fellow students. You are being judged in academic honors, the amount of effort you are seen putting into your academics, and the car you park on campus. There is the drive to take extravagant trips for Spring Break to Cancun and rack up massive debt on a credit card; all of this to live up to the Joneses.
Some of the other goals that students have include “to be socially respected”. This goal is above and beyond the acceptance of one’s peers, and speaks to the level of hubris that one exhibits. This is seen in dressing well, driving a nice car, having an attractive mate, being seen at the right events, and rubbing elbows with the rich and powerful. There are many extremes to this, which may be diagnosed as a Narcissistic Personality Disorder, in which the person begins to believe the façade that is given, even to the point that they believe there is no façade (McNeal, 2003).
We seek the praise of professors. This is unique to students in that any other scrutiny of our work and lives at this level would
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