Common Law and National Consumer Law

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Chapter 1 1. Why did common law become so rigid and inflexible? Answer: By the reign of henry II, the practice of sending the royal justice throughout the country “on circuit” began to result in fairly uniform body of law developing around the country- the common law. The judges were assisted in finding an agreement among them by keeping records known as plea rolls. They set out not only the facts of each case and judgement, but often the reasoning behind the judgement, in much the same way as the modern law reports does. During the reign of henry II writs came into wide use. They were purchased from the king’s clerks of chancery and stated the complaint, ordering the name person either to right the wrong or to show the king’s justices…show more content…
Explain Answer: law is basically a device to regulate the economic and social behaviour of society. Generally laws are created by people to maintain harmony in the society and the country. As people have to follow the certain rules of the country or society, there is a sense of responsibility people feel. If people lived in complete isolation and didn’t carry on any economic activity or recognise any superior authority, there would be no need for laws to exist because there would be nothing to regulate or control. However, the reality is otherwise. People don’t live in complete isolation and economic activity is carried on. The law, as regulatory device, provides the mechanism for society to function by prioritising needs and desires through tools such as legislation. All these laws are made by the superiors at the higher stages. Even the people establishing these laws have to follow the same laws so it has to be made regarding the needs of the people. The people creating laws have the power to organise all these laws and should be pass the law according to the demand of time and the need of the people. All the other tests cannot be ignored as law because they at some stages describe law. But somehow other statements are less effective. Like, law is not only a command by a political superiors because all kinds of law are not commanded by political superiors or inferiors. It could be family law commanded by the eldest
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