Common Man Research Paper

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Throughout their schooling one is taught about the great aristocrats of the past. The ones who discovered planetary motions, gas laws, and calculus. These nobles had the fortune of being wealthy, and didn’t have to burden themselves with the works of the common man. Because of this free time and vast amount of resources, they were able to work out the secrets of the universe and of life, helping build the foundation for science, and philosophy.
With the advancement of technology, the burden on the commoner decreased as well. With the industrial revolution, and social revolutions, the world transformed into a better place for the common man. The masses became eduated, healthy, and arguably freer than ever. The rise of technology brought about a huge shift in knowledge and connectivity. Specifically, our phones and computers became an external part of our being. Information about anything became at once available at
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We have an obsession with living a meaningful life. We perhaps all, even if unconsciously, strive to reach the level of self actualization on Maslow’s pyramid. However, this is a difficult task because we are always seemingly doubting our choices. As Descartes once said “we obsess with the perfect that we forget the good”. Technology only fuels our uncertainty about our life choices. We are constantly hit with waves of information and need to make divisive decision. Where once there was but two majors at Oxford, there are now hundreds. Career choices are limitless for example. As psychology tells us, when humans are faced with more choices, their will and assuredness in their choices decreases. We are faced with endless possibilities and having to choose one directions makes our growth stall because we are unsure of our commitments. Instead we become wary of the great questions we must answer in life. We become lost in, and perhaps even scared of our uncertain future, because our lives are
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