Common Misconceptions About Video Games

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Shigeru Miyamoto, a legendary video game developer, expressed his thoughts on video games, “Video games are bad for you? That's what they said about rock-n-roll.” There have been common misconceptions about video games being a bad influence on children due to their violent content they can have and leading children to be more violent. Miyamoto disagree with this misconception using rock-n-roll as an example. He stated just like how rock-n-roll was considered bad in the past generation.therefore the current generation of children and adults will not be affected by video games in a detrimental way. There have been many case studies disapproving this myth about how video games are bad for children. Video games can be a future educational resource …show more content…

However, these misconceptions are debunked by news sources such as PBS. Henry Jenkins, an MIT Professor, wrote a list of reasons on video games myths on the PBS website. He believes the link between youth violence and video games are merely a coincidence, because in the modern age, more and more of today’s youth are connected to social media and technology, and it really depends on the person’s mental stability. There has been research on how the more aggressive people enjoy playing more aggressive games like the aforementioned game, Doom, and that there are no conclusions that link video games to change normal people to killers. Incidentally, these misconceptions of youth violences linked to video games are still commonly believed today by a small group of people around the word despite the growing popularity of video games in modern day culture. All things considered, video games can be used as an educational tool in providing a lesson in educational facilities.I will go over how video games can be used in education and also how it can be applied to academic core subjects such as history and also in non academic subject like physical

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