Common Ms Office Errors

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Common MS Office Errors
Sheri Terpstra
August 15, 2010
Jason Keppler

This paper gives a summary of each Microsoft Office application: Word, Excel, Access, and PowerPoint. For each application, common user errors will be identified, as well as step-by-step strategies to diagnose and troubleshoot the problems for each application. The step-by-step instructions are written for a beginner and intermediate user level. A PowerPoint presentation is included that resembles an actual presentation that could be used for training application support staff.

Common MS Office Errors
Microsoft Word
Microsoft Word is a word processing software package that allows the user to create professional looking documents such as
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Strategies to diagnose and troubleshoot such problems are usually conducted by having the customer recall everything that he or she did before and after the problem occurred. This can help narrow down what exactly the problem is. Asking questions about what exactly the customer is trying to accomplish at the time can also help narrow down the problem. After discovering the problem, the support person is able to research the solution and ask the customer to follow through step-by-step as he or she instructs them how to complete the procedure to solve the problem. For beginner and intermediate users, it is a good suggestion for the support person to give details and lengthier explanations with each step so it is easier for the customer to understand and follow along without any further problems. After fixing the problem, the support person should assist the customer by teaching him or her how to complete the procedure correctly to avoid any further errors, again by being more specific with the instructions for beginner and intermediate users. When the problem is solved and fixed and the user is knowledgeable on how to complete the procedure the next time without any help, the support person should assume the user does not know about the help menu included in the program and its capabilities to assist them with errors.


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