Common Network Vulnerabilities

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October 9, 2011

Common Network Vulnerabilities

(The effects of the absence of knowledge on unencrypted communication:
Setting ground rules for an organizations internal structure)

“Businesses, governments, and other organizations face a wide array of information security risks. Some threaten the confidentiality of private information, some threaten the integrity of data and operations, and still others threaten to disrupt availability of critical systems” (Sullivan, 2009). Since such security risks are always going to present in the cyber world, businesses and organizations need to fully be aware of any vulnerabilities in their systems. The initial realization of any organization’s vulnerability can only
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Businesses need to include security training and awareness; this being the first step in the correction of network holes. In my opinion, security awareness is the basis of all network flaws.

Because network security is extremely important, businesses need to make it a top priority to have a network infrastructure assessment. Networks are becoming increasingly complex and by executing a network assessment it will help IT managers ensure the company’s network is operating at peak efficiency. “The vulnerability of the system depends on the state of the system itself, on the capacity of a hazard to affect this state and on the undesired consequences the combination of the hazard and the vulnerability will eventually lead to” (Petit & Robert, 2010). Known vulnerabilities of a security infrastructure require a situational awareness. “This includes knowledge of security software versions for integrity management and anti-malware processing, signature deployments for security devices such as intrusion detection systems, and monitoring status for any types of security collection and processing systems” (Amoroso, 2011).

In addition to an entire infrastructure assessment, there must be companywide training classes. These trainings need to help employees understand not only the importance of network security, but also how their actions can
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