Common: Nonverbal Communication and Data Protection Act Essay example

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Study Day 1 Box 1 You have to make a staff leaflet. This can be A4 size or folded A4 size. This is what you need to write: U 7 1.1 The different reasons people communicate * Express needs * Share ideas and information * To reassure * Express feelings * Build relationships * Socialise * Ask questions * Share experiences U7 3.1 The barriers to effective communication * Background and culture * Sensory impairment * Dialect * Use of jargon * Language not appropriate * Noise and poor lighting * Attitudes * Effects of alcohol/drugs * Aggression * Mental health problems * Health conditions * Lack of confidence * Breakdown in relationships U7 1.3…show more content…
respecting the skills and expertise of other practitioners) | valuing diversity and recognising the rights of others to have differing opinions or ideas | sharing professional knowledge and expertise | developing common goals | role of the Lead Professional in taking responsibility for integrated working | U5 2.1 Why good communication is needed for partnership working again should be a paragraph and include effective communication (e.g. verbal, non-verbal, questioning & listening skills, body language, facial expression, gestures) | effective sharing of information (e.g. clarifying meaning, avoiding misunderstandings, sharing of good practice, sharing of professional knowledge and expertise, encouraging contributions from others, | early intervention | early identification and assessment of need | quick referral to appropriate service | co-ordination of services | meeting the individual needs of children and young
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