Common Oral Health Conditions And The Related Costs Of Treating Such Problems

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Oral health is an essential part of everyday life. However, this critical part of the human health is often neglected by many people, despite the many benefits that are associated with a good oral health regiment. Poor oral health not only leads to poor hygiene, but to many health problems. Which range from dental caries to cancer. Oral health can also lead to other diseases, some of which are fatal. In addition, problems related to oral health are costly to treat and mainly causes much discomfort to a person. However, most of these conditions are preventable through taking simple measures that can maintain good oral health (Solhi, 2010). This research paper will look at the most common oral health conditions and the related costs of treating such problems. In addition, the paper will also look at the preventive measures and their effectiveness in addressing issues related to the oral health.
Dental hygiene is a key aspect, which commands paramount concern for healthy teeth and prevention of oral diseases among young people. While this equally applies for adults, it is clear that beginning to address such concerns right from young ages will do greater good than harm in the lives of individuals. Essentially, within the secondary schools, dental education is significant in many ways (Skorupka, 2012). At this age in the lifespan of an individual, young people need clear directions concerning dental and general hygiene for their health. It is therefore…
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