Common Problem That Prevents Progression

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Common problem that prevents progression in Higher Education
Mr. Jonas Tellis
EDAD 701
Contemporary Context Educational Program and Services
Dr V. Wilson

If you want to further your education there are a few thing you need to know about the experiences that come along with been a first time college student. The time spent in college is a fond of memory and happy experiences; nevertheless it can be stressful and challenging. Some may say that college was easy but for me I know from experience that only the strong will survive in college. There are so many issues that people students deal with in college. You will think it’s a smooth ride and everything supposes to be in order. In my opinion it’s a learning experience, but a college student thinks it’s a nightmare. You have to be headstrong, if not you won’t like it and eventually drop out. There several issue that affect the Higher Education system. Some of these issues Higher include financial aide, administration, and preparation for workforce and career readiness. Student loans are one of the biggest issues that affect college student’s nationwide especially low income African American college student. Education is facing a lot of issues from tuition cost to drop out rate due to college student’s not been able to grasps the college life and/or not having the funding needed to stay in college. The cost of higher education is also matters of great importance. There are many
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