Common Psychological Disorders And How They Affect A Persons Daily Life

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The Mental Illness Erva Arslan American Youth Academy Mr. Gonzalez / English 10/12/15 Abstract In this essay I will be discussing five of the most common psychological disorders and how they affect a persons daily life, behavior, weight, personality and etc. The five disorders I will be mentioning are: Alzheimer, OCD/panic/anxiety, Anorexia, Autism, and depression. According to studies there can be 3 million or more people are diagnosed with one of these disorders each year. These disorders lead to cases like memory loss, extreme dieting, self-harm, unwanted thoughts, bad communication and much more. All of these affect a human’s life immensely. Some can lead to obesity or extreme weight loss. Some of these disorders like…show more content…
The disorders I will be addressing are: Anxiety, Alzheimer, Anorexia, Autism, and depression. Each of these disorders can take over ones life poorly. They can cause a social decline and will affect the people surrounding you. The first disorder I will be discussing is anxiety. Anxiety is very common amongst all people including myself. It’s a state of feeling nervous, worried, fear and agitation. You may get it a night before your talent show or before an exam. Anxiety can interfere with a humans way of living a normal life. 25 percent of people are likely to arouse anxiety disorder that may need urgent treatment, while at other times anxiety may not be too serious. There are different levels and types of anxiety disorders such as: panic attacks, specific phobia and etc. Panic attacks are when people have random strikes of terror without being warned. Some symptoms may be chest pain or sweating; This may lead to going crazy. Social Phobia is also a type of anxiety. Its when you feel shy and self conscious near others. How does this affect you socially? Well, you feel like everyone will judge you and so you behave in a way that may look embarrassing and ridiculous. Memory loss is known as Alzheimer, which is the most common reason of dementia. Over three million people are diagnosed with this disorder. Alzheimer is when cells die and degenerate, which causes the destroying of mental functions. The amount
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