Common Psychological Disorders And How They Affect A Persons Daily Life

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The Mental Illness
Erva Arslan
American Youth Academy
Mr. Gonzalez / English

In this essay I will be discussing five of the most common psychological disorders and how they affect a persons daily life, behavior, weight, personality and etc. The five disorders I will be mentioning are: Alzheimer, OCD/panic/anxiety, Anorexia, Autism, and depression. According to studies there can be 3 million or more people are diagnosed with one of these disorders each year. These disorders lead to cases like memory loss, extreme dieting, self-harm, unwanted thoughts, bad communication and much more. All of these affect a human’s life immensely. Some can lead to obesity or extreme weight loss. Some of these disorders like anxiety are things almost every human faces throughout their lifetime. Just because you are diagnosed with any of these disorders doesn’t label you as mental or weird. These are things any one of us could face.

What are psychological disorders? How can they affect your daily lives? Many may think that a psychological disorder deals with mental illnesses. Discovering whether an illness deals with a person psychologically takes time. Psychologists take time to really look into and diagnose any disorder. Many things are taken account while viewing disorders like a person’s background, personality and culture. One of four people are diagnosed with at least one psychological disorder in a year. Psychologists discuss a psychological disorder…
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