Common Reader Reflection ( Enrique 's Journey Essay

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Common Reader Reflection (Enrique’s Journey Immigration has always been a controversial topic worldwide. Some countries have a strict policy while others do not. The United States is in dire need of immigration reform due to the varying opinions of politicians and the numerous lives being affected that are at stake. Many conservatives believe that it is bad for the economy and government, while others think the opposite. Immigration is a topic that is close to my heart because I come from a family who migrated here to the United States. Enrique’s Journey gave me a new perspective on the topic. My feelings were validated and strengthened after reading the book. Immigration is an extensive topic that has several different aspects to it. The discussion of Syrian refugees is similar to that of undocumented immigrants, but yet the two topics also share vastly different points. The divide between opinions creates a split within the United States. We must have immigration reform to begin the healing and problematic issues the United States faces. I have always had a positive outlook on immigration. I truly believe that most undocumented immigrants come here for better opportunities and to either help better their lives or their families. I have known a few people who have left their country to provide a better life for their family, but I never truly knew what they had to endure in order to get here. Enrique’s Journey gave me an insight that shocked me. The book was hard to get
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