Common Sense And Civil Disobedience Essay

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Argumentative Essay Common Sense and Civil Disobedience Published in the year 1776, common sense is an open challenge to the British government and the royal monarchy of that time. Paine spoke the language of a common person and worked for the independence of Great Britain. Paine states his opinion by arguing at the American Independence beginning with the theoretical and general reflections about religion and government and move on to the specifications about the situation in the colonies. By doing so, he aims to persuade the people to become more patriotic and join the fight against the British to become an independent nation. At the same time, Thoreau was one of the exciting practitioners of writing and was an intuitive genius. He worked hard to revise as well as refined his material. “The two authors are historically known for their work for establishing as well as clarifying the ideas of general men in terms of response to their government. Both the authors work on the same time, however presents a bit different explanation of their philosophies.” According to Theuro’s perspective, slavery is the most outweigh causes among all others in bringing the revolution in moral gravity as well as magnitude. He speaks the voice of 1/6th of the entire population of US who is living in slavery. He argues that common people are responsible for their disgrace and the way government treats them. He believes that government is not responsible for the injustice they bring to the
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