Common Sense By Not Grabbing The Bottle And Drinking It All

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first test of common sense by not grabbing the bottle and drinking it all. Alice narrates the reader through her thought process while she is deciding what to do with this bottle. As mentioned before, she is free to do what she does, but she shares that with the public and that is what makes her freedom have a purpose beyond her own satisfaction. Alice is not just a little girl running around in Wonderland, she is a strong character used to call attention to issues. The narrator mentions that Alice had read her knowledge, bringing attention to the literary world. Reading opens up a broad possibility of new knowledge for anyone. For a child reader, the content of their reading might be the first and/or only exposure to certain content, and therefore holds an important responsibility. Here, the text makes a sly but precise comments of the importance of children literature. Beckman comments that, “The context of Carroll’s books is thus a revolution in what literature should be both in terms of contemporary Victorian morals” Although the comment of literature is nicely wrapped in an entertaining children’s story about a young girl’s adventure, the content of criticism is delivered. The children mentioned in the passage above who got burned and in other trouble, could not remember the rules they were taught. Here we see that the knowledge being passed on to this children is done and expected to be kept through memorization. The problem with memorization is that it holds

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