Common Sense By Thomas Paine

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Common sense is a pamphlet created by Thomas Paine for the American colonies to get their independence from the British government and for the people to be able to choose the rulers or officials to govern over them. In Thomas Paine pamphlet he had four sections which where origin and design of government in which he states that elections where the right thing for any government because it represents the people, of monarchy and succession that lineage of kings should not be the head of government because it requires a man that is honest and known by the people rather than a king in which few of the citizens know who he truly is, thoughts on the present state of American affairs states that independence is what the American colonies should strive for and not partial representation, and of the present ability of America is how a government and people can sustain themselves without the need of outside aid. The impact of common sense in the colonies was a motivation for the American people to be able to get their independence from Britain. After five months that common sense was published the second continental congress meet in Philadelphia to write the declaration of independence in which they said that it was time to break away from great Britain’s grasp and become an independent nation. Thomas Paine pamphlet common sense made arguments some of which were political, economic, religious, and emotional to get British colonial citizens to be able to separate from Great Britain.

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