Common Sense By Thomas Paine

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The political pamphlet known as Common Sense was written by Thomas Paine in 1776. This pamphlet contributed in promoting the independence of America. In the pamphlet Thomas Paine challenged the American colonists to separate from England and create a democratic and independent society. Along with challenging the American colonists, he hinted at his own opinions about a democratic government that America should plan towards if they seek to separate from England. Thomas Paine also bluntly proposed that the monarchy was useless to the government in Britain. He defined government as the opposite of society and that America, who arguably been said to have flourished, because of connections with Britain, would have “flourished as much, and probably much more, had no European power had anything to do with her”(Thomas Paine). This pamphlet is what motivated many American colonist to become more patriotic which led them to take action on getting independence. Provided that the American colonies were yoked to Britain, Thomas Paine points out that because Britain is considered the mother of the American colonies, it is this relationship that keeps the American colonies from proceeding into making alliances with other countries. In addition, Paine states that if the American colonies were not connected to Britain, America as it’s own independent country, would be able to make alliances beneficial to the colonists. The American colonies would be able to reap from the benefits of…

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