`` Common Sense `` By Thomas Paine

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According to Thomas Paine 's pamphlet, he had supported the American Revolution that refers to “American Independence”. The objective to write “Common Sense” is that challenged to the British government and motivated American to follow their own destiny. Furthermore, His written work was the first time that asked for independence from Britain. The inspiration of Thomas came from the suggestion of Benjamin Rush who is an outspoken defender of American rights from Great Britain. Common Sense was both reveals independence from England and the creation of a democratic republic. In the revolution, the thirteen colonies supported this revolution by rejecting the British government. Additionally, denying the monarchy and aristocracy of British as well as resisting British oppressive government. As Paine having an argument in his small book, he encouraged American to chip off and declared independence from the Great Britain. The declaration indicated three main points is that the natural right, British wrongs and independence. In the pamphlet, the British government doing unfairly with their colonies by just focused on their own benefits whether was due to heavy taxation, British occupation of colonies and invasion of natural rights. In the Bible, there was determined that there should have not a king in this world. With the royal heirs in Britain, the highest heir will become the next king. By doing this, Paine resisted as it was also revealed in the pamphlet. If the colonists

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