Common Sense Explanations And The Explanations Of C. Wright Mills ' Theory Of The Sociological Imagination

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In this essay I will be exploring the differences between common sense explanations and the explanations of C. Wright Mills ' theory of The Sociological Imagination. Common sense is based on people 's personal experiences and their opinions, very often constructed from social norms and generalised views. Whereas, the Sociological Imagination thought up by sociologist C. Wright Mills (1959) is based on the ideas of thinking critically and skeptically, in order to think sociologically. He wrote that in order to do this, we have to understand and grasp the link between current society and history, personal troubles and public issues. There are three main parts to Sociological Imagination: social structure, biography and history. In this essay I will set forth the ways in which each of these approaches would explain the topic of sexuality. I consider sexuality to be an umbrella term for various features, including sexual orientation, sexual activity, masculinity/femininity and gender roles. Each of which will be looked at in this essay in order to explore the topic of sexuality in relation to common sense and the Sociological Imagination.

Sexual orientation is commonly viewed as the term to describe an individual’s attraction for others; who they want to have sex with. This sexual attraction is what’s commonly considered to be the representative of their sexuality. The common sense approach to sexual orientation is well educated on heterosexuality and the LGBT community. LGBT

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