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After reading excerpts from the pamphlet “Common Sense”, written by Thomas Paine in 1776, I developed a sense of understanding for many different aspects of the article. About a quarter of the way through, I found myself very much interested in what I was reading. However, I was interested to an extent where I felt as if I was living in the 18th century and I strongly agreed with everything Thomas Paine was saying. By the end of the reading, I felt overwhelmingly opposed to the British, and I was enthusiastically in favor for the independence of America. After further analyzation, I realized Thomas Paine knew how to use his rhetoric. Throughout the excerpt he employed many different tactics to persuade the reader, and put them in favor of…show more content…
The Stamp Act. By mentioning the Stamp Act, he is already triggering the mind of the reader to think of the unjust acts which have been committed by the British towards their colonies. He then mentions how the acts were repelled, yet a decade later Parliament whipped out a new set of taxes. By causing the reader to feel anger for what Britain has unjustly done to them, it is easier to convince them of his point that reconcile can not be made with them. Although it may last temporarily, it will ultimately fail. From reading Tom’s and Reverend Charle’s works, I derive two different tones. On Tom’s side I find a very well articulated argument. He seems extremely confident in what he is saying and takes a very aggressive and opposing stance. If I ever spoke to him I would expect him to have a very eloquent persona, and a confident manner. On the other side, I didn’t get the same feel from Reverend Charles Inglis. Although he has his stance, I did not perceive the same amount of energy and enthusiasm I did from Paine’s. I would even say Charle’s writing was hesitant. After reading Paine’s side of the argument, I was not anywhere affected in the view I took on the matter by Charles. This very important piece of literature, has giving me a deeper perspective of very important debate of declaring America’s independence from

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