Common Sense

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Omar El-Azhary
6 May 2012
Common Sense
Making people understand a serious situation like America’s independence is not easy, but Thomas Paine was able to do so through his book, Common Sense. Thomas Paine was able to communicate his ideas to common simple farmers and to the high class intellectuals very easily. He lived at the time of the American Revolution, and Common Sense is one of his main publications that urged Americas’ independence from the British. Born in 1937, Thomas Paine was originally an English man to his father, and he holds radical views on religion which caused him criticism and so little people attending his funeral when he died at 1809. Paine live in a critical time, he lived in the time period that is the most
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He argues in his book that it was one of the biggest mistakes in history to bring a monarchy succession. Paine thinks it is very important for people to understand that man originally was in the state of equality, which means that inequality was caused by some certain circumstances which are in America’s case, the British occupation. Originally, there were no kings, until the ancient Jews demanded one, and from here it started. Paine considers this as a sin because god only should rule over the people. The ancient Jews asked the prophet Samuel to have a king, at first he tried to dissuade them, but he couldn’t. They insisted on having a king, until they had one. This story in Paine’s opinion must be known by everyone in order to understand what is happening in America, and why they should face it and stop it. A revolution must be held by people who understand the situation, and why it is wrong, Paine had the evidence to prove that the British in America is wrong, and that they must have no king and a heredity succession. Thus, they have to make a Revolution, which is the American Revolution, urging for America’s Independence.
Paine even gives more and more evidence to prove that the monarchy and the heredity succession system is absolutely a mistake that must be fixed. He explains that the Bible is in opposition of the monarchy and heredity system. This means, Paine describes, that God is in opposition of
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