Common Sense Essay

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Common Sense

The persuasion towards independence represented through the pamphlet Common Sense, is largely effective. The work portrays the unjust treatment received by the colonies from the mother country, England. Thomas Paine begins with the creation of government, as lived by the colonist, and progresses to the wrongful acts administered by Parliament and the King of England. Finally, Thomas Paine gives confidence to the unity of the colonies, and details a forceful removal of English authority. The argument is set up extensively in the commencement of the pamphlet. Thomas Paine explains how the colonies began governing themselves. The natural governing solution for the people of the new world was a representative
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The King, as well as England, begins to forget the colonies are inhabited by English men. The colonists are consistently being stuck with wrongful governing and no election power. "In America THE LAW IS KING", but under England the colonies must respect the "King as law" (98). Unfortunately, the similarities between the two are observed by Thomas Paine as few and far between.
Common Sense ventures towards the argument about the peace at mind and military protection provided by the mother country. England gives excuses for the taxes and rulings because of the safety factor they preserve for the colonies. Paine handles this argument by describing the time it would take to produce English armed services on American soil. The lapse would be crucial, and possibly too late. Common Sense portrays some beliefs: "We have boasted the protection of Great-Britain, without considering, that her motive was interest not attachment; that she did not protest us from our enemies on our account, but from her enemies on her own account, from those who had no quarrel with us on any other account, and who will always be our enemies on the same account."(84) England is protecting the colonies when it is convenient for Her. Paine goes on to point out the convenience presence when it comes to governing and taxing the colonies.
Thus Paine expresses a need for a

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