Common Sense Restructuring Of Public Services

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The siting of the SSTP in London, Ontario offers an excellent case to examine the ways in which Harris’s “common sense restructuring of public services, including the repeal of numerous land use planning requirements and the authorization of waste disposal sites without public input, work simultaneously to create new forms of white privilege and environmental racism in Southwestern Ontario” (Mascarenhas, 2012, p. 128). To meet the infrastructural needs of London’s rapidly growing population, London’s Planning Department proposed to build the SSTP along its southwest border. The plant is scheduled to be built by 2020 at a cost of approximately $80 million (DeBono, 2014). The story of the SSTP originated in 1996 when the City of London annexed the Town of Lambeth, a municipality located along its southwest border. The annexation was the consequence of cost sharing and other governing efficiency attempts facilitated by Harris’s Common Sense Revolution; the annexation moved the new city border to a few kilometers upstream of Indigenous lands (Mascarenhas, 2012).
In 1998, the city held public meetings regarding a proposed sewer treatment plant in the “then agriculturally zoned lands southwest of the Lambeth residential core” (Mascarenhas, 2012, 129). One Lambeth resident elucidated that London’s annexation plans were not to annex the agricultural zoned lands. Rather, the council officials promised to conserve the agricultural lands in the annexation proposal. Nevertheless,…

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