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Common Sense and Conflict

Michael Eisner is an American entertainment executive, whose leadership in the 1980s and 1990s revitalized the Walt Disney Company. Born in New York City, Eisner was educated at Denison University, where he studied literature and theater. After graduating in 1964, he worked for six weeks as a clerk at NBC and then briefly in the programming department at CBS. His career crystallized at ABC, which he joined as a programming assistant in 1966 and where he spent the next ten years, ultimately becoming senior vice president of prime-time production and development. Eisner's rise through the corporate ranks was paralleled by ABC's leap from third place to first place in the network viewing ratings. In 1976 he was
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When you have a strict culture with a million rules, I see that it affects the whole organization and it makes the internal employees not perform as well as they should. At Walt Disney world, they are entertaining people so their culture is set in being energized, fun and exciting. Having this type of culture also bring more people into the company and these talented individuals may have the next million-dollar idea. One of Eisner’s ways of getting people to be idea-generators was by having systems called the “gong show” and “charettes”. These two systems were great ways to get people to speak their thoughts and generate ideas. They would meet once a week and people would say ideas and they would get reactions from other people at the meeting. Having these two systems was a good way for people in an organization to know one another and how they tend to operate. Also, it is one way for an organization to become big and successful.

One of the things I don’t agree with in Eisner’s style of being an idea generator is how these meetings are driven with long hours, and sometimes being day after day. He would put everybody in the same room for ten to twelve hours or even for a couple of days. He feels the longer the better and the more excruciating the better. I can’t see basically torturing people in one room for hours at a time thinking that it is going to help generate ideas. I feel that these meeting should have been

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