Common Sense by Thomas Paine

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Common Sense was written by Thomas Paine and published in 1776. Paine wrote it as a plea for the American people to break away from Britain and to declare independence from the king. He was asking his audience to take a step back and see that just because something is tradition, does not mean it is necessarily right. Paine wanted to show his readers that government and society is not the same thing, which is how most people viewed it. Society was something that people should want to have, while a government is something that people had to have in order to keep themselves in check. That by paying the various taxes, the people were inadvertently paying to live in such bad conditions. America should break away from and form a democratic party, one that allowed the people to decide what rules they should have. Britain was too far away to be able to rule the colonies correctly. That in being so far away it would take forever for Parliament to respond to any complaints that America might have. Britain was not a favorite with other countries and therefore the colonies were at a greater risk of war because of it. He spoke to his readers in a way so that even the simplest of people would understand how desperately America needed to establish its independence. Some people thought that the dispute between America and Britain should be resolved, Paine wanted to show the people that even if the two came to a satisfactory agreement, that it would not last. The history

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