Common Themes In Today's Society

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Common themes found in history and into today’s society are big versus small, new versus old and most prominently majority versus minority. Looking in the past, these themes are seen in the history of the United States, where minority races have been punished and oppressed as seen through the enslavement of African Americans and the internment of Japanese Americans. The hardships of slavery greatly affected their mindset and lasted throughout the rest of their lives. One man wrote to his son “A society which spelled out . . . that you were a worthless human being. You were not expected to aspire to excellence” (Baldwin). Victims of slavery and oppression are no longer seen this way and I began to question what caused this change in perspective.…show more content…
After reading about small languages quickly vanishing in other countries due to “abandoning (them) or switching to English or Spanish (common languages)” and the addition of technological improvements, such as television and radio stations, being made where these small languages are, I began to wonder if the addition of technology had an effect on the prominence and view of smaller cultures- or minorities- compared to larger ones (Rymer). Today, the minorities in the United States are becoming assimilated with the mainstream culture; however, in schools there is still a gap between the majority and minorities. This gap causes many minority students to fall behind due to lack of equality in resources; therefore affecting minority students’ learning abilities and opportunities in schools as well as in their future. Access to technology in schools for low-income and ethnic minority students in American schools has benefits such as social skills, test scores, cognitive and individual skills, and increases academic equity between students while also preparing them for the workforce in the future and saving the schools money; however, technology can have negative effects on students’
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