Common Themes Of Inclusive Education Essay

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The Discussion Findings The reviewed literature revealed several common themes regarding inclusive education. The first common theme is teacher attitudes toward inclusion. Almost all of the studies revealed that negative perspectives about inclusive education make schools that try to implement inclusive classrooms likely candidates for failure. One of the primary influencing factors of teachers’ negative perceptions is that of the teachers’ lack of confidence in their ability to teach special needs students due to a lack of training in the area of special education. Another common theme revealed in the literature is the need for on-going professional development for both general education and special education teachers. Teachers who participate in effective teacher training programs to increase their knowledge of what should be going on in inclusive classrooms and acquired the teaching skills, classroom management skills, confidence, and time management skills, have more positive attitudes toward inclusion. Research revealed that the insufficiency of training for inclusive classroom teachers is one of the most common problems voiced today by teachers. More courses and training related to inclusive practices should be offered to prospective teachers in higher education institutions. If consistent professional development is provided, teachers’ attitudes toward inclusive education would be more positive. A third common theme found in the reviewed literature is
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