Common Threads Throughout Judaism, Christianity, and Islam

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The monotheistic religions of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam have over many thousands of years established many traditions and beliefs. Many of these are from their respective book of scripture such as the Bible, Torah, or Qu’ran. Others are from the interpretation of the religions over the many years from their leaders and the generational stories that have been passed down. Many of these can be seen as quite similar between the religions, but others can be considered unique to each one of them. There are many concepts that can be analyzed across these religions. The goal of this essay will be to focus and to put an understanding to some of the main concepts that include ultimate reality, human beings, community/society and nature (science) and how these influence the believers’ understanding of what it means to religious. To begin, let’s start with the concept of ultimate reality. This term represents the belief of one creator who, in his love, created all things. In Judaism, there is the presentation of one true and indivisible God the creator of all things, and that God cannot be any more than one being or spirit. Teachings and prophecies about God are found in the Torah which is the book of scripture in Judaism, but are also found in the old testament of the Hebrew bible. The word of God is presented here and through the Jewish people God has revealed himself in stories that have been translated, understood, and followed over many generations. The second
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