Common Weaknesses and Attacks Associated with E-Commerce and Social Networking Application

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Common weaknesses and attacks associated with e-commerce and social networking applications
Security of transactions is critical in building the confidence of customers in a specified e-commerce site. This security depends heavily on an organization 's ability to ensure authenticity, availability, privacy, integrity and disruption of unwanted intrusions. Malicious program known as sniffer programs often disrupt the privacy transactions especially when one uses unauthorized networks. They are found at network connection end points. When transactions are carried out, confidentiality is necessary thus it requires removing of any data showing transaction paths. This has become a common problem in the e-commerce sites.
Another particularly
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Roles such as system administrator, developer, security engineer, and quality assurance analyst for each classification
The following are the roles of individuals in the IT department:
The system administrator will monitor performance of systems and provide security measures such as troubleshooting and maintenance. He will also help users to diagnose and solve their problems. He will be involved in adding, deleting or modifying user account information and resetting passwords. He will design and put into place systems, network configurations and network architecture.
The system developer will analyze requirements for all users in the company including clients. He will research, design and write new programs for the company. The developer will also test new programs and find their weaknesses. He will be responsible for evaluating software and systems running in computers. He will also develop existing programs through analysis and identify modification areas
The security engineer will install and manage an organization’s security systems across its network. He will also monitor and react to their output.
The quality assurance analyst should be knowledgeable in SQL, HTML, and XML and internet browsers since they will be in charge of ensuring security in the browsing programs used. He should be proficient in web-based and database applications since he will be the one in charge of tracking information of clients. He

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