Common Wealth Address ( 1932 )

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10.In F. D. R.’s Common Wealth Address (1932) he discusses the problems with government and their solutions starting with the problem that a majority of the men who created national government were more than not, cruel in how they set things up. The solution is that while they were cruel, they set up central government, which was a safe haven for the people. The central government kept out national government to a point on certain issues such as civil disputes, war and keeping the peace. The national government by many was also thought to only benefit the few and many of those who founded it to keep the balance of power just the central governments were also key. The creation of the state or central government balanced the power against the national government Another problem that was foreseen in the government was the belief that popular government was dangerous and unfeasible. Government could be a great or awful thing and protecting people from government in firing on their rights and becoming an awful thing was Jefferson in the rights that needed to be set. His first rights included those under the name “personal competency” and property rights with these right people to an extent could live their life the way they see fit, but still needed the government in order to protect those rights and to make sure other powers or people, including the government itself could not infringe upon them. The government was set to not take people 's rights, but to give and protect them,
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