Common Western Idea Of Love

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Thousands of years ago Plato wrote of a love perpetuated by the idea that two people were made for each other. Although evolved, this is the root of the common western idea of love as shown through literature, various forms media and the expectations of society. Undoubtedly the most common form of love westerns encounter is the ‘happy ever after’ romance where two lovers ride off into the sunset and live out the rest of their days happily. This permeates into our lives in ways like the notion of the American dream, our friends and family telling us “is it not time to settle down and find a partner”, even tax incentives! Throughout people’s entire lives they are led to believe this form of love is the status quo, that this is the right way to do it, however, this is not the way everyone experience love!…show more content…
In life, one must make decisions regarding where to allocate their time and attention. There are so many objects that fill one’s internal and external consciousness it is impossible to be attentive to them all, so decisions must be made. “The attentive conscious can be regarded as the very space of our personalities” (Ortega y Gasset) Where one decides allocates their attention, reflects their values and beliefs. However, only how someone allocates their attention in regards to love is a reflection of their core values and beliefs, all other forms attention only influences their core values and beliefs. One can not derive substantiative information on someone’s character from assessing what career path, what car, what house a person allocates their attention towards. Where one lives, what religion one affiliates with, what car one drives, have no bearing on a persons’ core value. Love is a reflection of the lover, but only through the assessment of a lovers attention directed towards their love does the lover reflect the
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