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Effective Communication Documentation and vocal communication are the primary forms of communication in a nursing setting that is long-term (LTC). It is required of the nursing care staff and physicians to document all aspects of patient care. When documentation is considered to be effective, it provides a patient’s response to the care given as well as a legal record of the care. When one goes about documenting in this form it is considered to be written communication to those who will be providing care to the patient in the future. In the beginning of a nurse’s shift, a report is documented of the activities from the last shift of nurses verbally. Without this form of vocal communication between nurses, med techs, and CNAs would have…show more content…
Charting helps to communicate through documentation which needs were met and if they were any changes in the resident’s behavior. Shift Report The time nurses collaborate and share information with other nurses, med techs, and CNAs coming on duty for the following shift is called the shift report. This notifies all staff on duty of what is required of them on this shift and what happened previously on the latest shift. Shift report is also a time to communicate any observation, ideas, and thoughts concerning the patients. CNAs spend the majority of time with the residents and usually are the first to notice even subtle of changes in the residents under their care. Changes in urinary and bowel continence, appetite, behavior, mood, and sleeping habits are first seen by the CNA. Effective communicate is necessary not only for a healthy work environment but also for the betterment of the patient’s health. Having the ability to communicate observations openly with the nurse is necessary in certifying the residents are getting the best care possible. Ineffective Communication Communicating by documentation is an effective way for nursing facility personnel to communicate about what the patient needs. The information transferred from staff member to staff member must be accurate, timely, and easily read by anyone seeking the information

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