Communicating Between Men and Women Essay examples

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Chromosomes Can't Explain This It's no secret that men and women often have difficulty communicating with one another. How many times, for example, have small disagreements combusted into gigantic tragedies with the exchange of only a few words and frustrated expressions? Despite the fact that male and female bodies were obviously made for clear interaction, our respective linguistic capabilities appear to have been scrambled. Some people may wonder how in the hell the human race continues to propagate given the disparaging gap separating the sexes. In an effort to peel away the layers of confusion forged between men and women, authors such as Deborah Tannen, John Gray, and Susan Page have worked to help couples deal with the…show more content…
In essence, Tannen suggests that a man will talk more in a public setting, where it is necessary for him to demonstrate his knowledge and establish his status. By contrast, a woman will speak more in a private atmosphere, where she can share her thoughts and feelings. Men may not be innately aware of this somewhat subtle yet distinctive difference in communication style. Tannen notes that men should make the effort to understand women's need to talk. Tannen also suggests that men have to be aware that women like private settings in which to do that talking. Like Tannen, Gray also states that men and women communicate in different ways. Gray's book, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, pushes the concept a step further, however. Gray points out that what a man or woman says will be misinterpreted as if his or her partner is speaking a completely different language. To counteract this potentially disastrous disadvantage, Gray provides a number of examples of things that men and women say. Gray includes the partner's interpretation of what was heard as well as a translation of what was really being said. By using his translations, Gray says, couples can begin to legitmately understand each other. Also like Tannen, Gray makes a point of describing that men will usually talk strictly for the conveyance or retrieval of information, while women speak
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