Communicating Effectively Help Me Improve My Social Skills

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1.0 Introduction
Communicating effectively will help me improve my social skills, my self-confidence, and my career. It would be very safe to say that I suffer from “The First-Day Morgue Syndrome” when face with a new or unusual situation I tend to not respond at all, this is a direct result of being shy. I have suffered with shyness my entire life, while it is currently not as bad as when I was younger, I sometimes find myself reverting backwards. I will communicate with strangers but I usually wait for them to initiate, I find this same thing often happens at work too. I will only state my opinions when asked. When around other people, even people I have worked with for years I tend to just shell up and remain quiet. I start to worry about how my words will be perceived and if I will look or sound stupid, therefore, I find myself not saying anything at all and just listening. I have also found that I will avoid social situations when possible, I will usually go to the gym on my lunch break instead of going to the cafeteria, and if someone is using the weights I will just go on the treadmill with my headphones to avoid the interaction. I find that I am okay with one-on-one communication, but I have a lot of anxiety when in a group situation. I become very nervous, my palms start to sweat, my words become shaky, and I talk way to fast with a lot of added um’s and uh’s.
2.0 Plan of Improvement
I realize that it is extremely important for to overcome my shyness in order to…
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