Communicating Information through Writing

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Writing is a means of communicating information, something important, or a viewpoint to an audience in a concise, interesting, and hopefully appropriate manner. Scholarly writing takes this definition a step further in that the context is typically more focused and precise, the audience more specialized and the need for quality of evidence critical. The purpose of scholarly writing is less urgent than business writing, less personal than friend/family writing, and far more oriented towards contributing toward the overall knowledge of the subject area. To do this, the writer must have some expertise on the subject of the material. The audience in scholarly writing is either an instructor peers, or scholars who expect to learn something from the material. In many cases, the audience will already be familiar with much of the topic, and a general degree of fluency in the subject is assumed. The article under review focuses on the personal computer as a new model for social equality. The article is function, to the point, and yet out of context with the rest of the material, must either be an introductory paragraph or something that was meant for a non-research based audience. It scores 13.43 on the Gunning Fox index, meaning the approximate number of years of formal education one needs to clearly understand the text. In other tests, it ranges from 10.49 to 12.22, making it "read" at an upper High School Level. The Flesch Reading East test is 53.50. This scale measures the
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